Adam grinned, he liked the way she raised her brow in surprise, and it was rare that he got to surprise her at all, “No no, nothing like that. I was invited to a dinner party-off the books- and Alia is out of town.” He explained as if he was heartbroken his fiance was out of town, though anyone that knew him well enough knew he wasn’t thrilled about the virtually forced engagement. “I don’t want to go alone, because I know it will probably be so boring. But..I have to go.” He added and smiled up at Ashlyn, of course he had unspoken intentions for the night, but he didn’t bring that up just yet. 

Ashlyn nodded her head when he said it was off the books. It meant that she could relax a little bit rather than thinking that she had missed something. When he said that Alia was out of town, she couldn’t help press her lips together. She was kind of glad that his fiance wasn’t there because it meant that she got him for herself even for work purposes but now it was out of work purposes, too. “Okay, good. Too bad that Alia is out of town, though. I mean if you have to go then I am more than willing to take her place for a night.” She moved to sit down in the chair opposite of his desk, her leg crossing over the other causing her skirt to raise just a little bit as she put her hands in her lap. “When is this dinner party exactly? Just so that I know when to get ready and all that” she smiled, looking back up at him. 

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Adam looked up with pleasure as Ashlyn joined him in his office, “Yeah…there is something you can help with..” He spoke, a smirk forming on his face, “Do you have an evening gown?” He asked and raised a brow watching her closely as he spoke. He’d been watching her closely for a while now, he liked her-a lot. Not only was she a competent and professional assistant she was beautiful, sweet, just the kind of girl Adam liked. And though he was getting married in a matter of weeks, and though she was his employee he was finding it hard to keep his distance lately.

Ashlyn raised her brow, as she waited for him to continue with what he needed to ask her. Her once raised brow now furrowed as he asked if she had an evening gown. “I have one, yes. I take it that I’m going to need it but can I ask what’s the occasion?” She didn’t remember if they had any events that they had to attend and even so, she normally didn’t ever wear evening owns anyway. Her gaze moved down to the clipboard that was still in her hands before she looked back up at him. “I don’t see that we have any special events or anything planned, sir. Did I get something wrong or mixed up?” She couldn’t look at him very long because her stomach would start to flutter. To say that she was attracted to him was an understatement but he was getting married and she was just his secretary. Nothing could ever come of it.


"Ash could you come in here?"

Adam buzzed his assistant/secretary through the intercom as he sat in his office, completely overwhelmed and bored by the mountains of paperwork that was piled in front of him.


"Be right there" Ashlyn said into the intercom before standing up and fixing her skirt. She grabbed her clipboard and her pen before heading down the hallway and to the room that she knew Adam was going to be in. As she opened the door, she smiled as she moved further into the room. "Can I help you with something, sir?" she asked, fixing her glasses.